DIY Yule Ornament Tutorial

 In my last post I mentioned Yule ornaments made from oranges. I got a couple of messages on Facebook asking how I made them so I thought I'd give a quick tutorial. They are SUPER easy to make and will make your home smell amazing in the process. 

You will need: 

Star Anise
Confectioner Sugar
Ground Cloves
Parchment Paper
Cookie sheet
A knife to cut oranges

*Cinnamon and Ground Clove optional)


Preheat oven to 200 Degrees

Slice oranges to about 1/4" and try to make them even. (As you can see I'm not great at that)

Place orange slices on parchment paper on the cookie sheet. Sprinkle both sides with sugar. 

Bake at 200 Degrees for 2-3 hours.
If you plan on adding the cinnamon or ground clove take them out at about the 90 minute mark to sprinkle and flip. 

Let oranges sit for about an hour, if they seem too moist when you pull them out you can leave them in a bit longer. The orange peep should turn a dark orange and start to crinkle, the thicker your slices the longer it will take for them to dry.  (I honestly bake mine for 3 and then let them sit and then bake them another hour after they've cooled)

Once oranges are cool poke a hole close to the peel or right in the middle depending on your preference. 

Slip twine through hole. Place star anise in the middle of whole and wrap the twine around it while bringing it back through the hole to keep it in place. 
Tie tightly as orange will continue to dry as it hangs. 

That's It! I told you it was simple. 

Alternatively you could make this into a garland instead of ornaments by using a larger piece of twine and knotting it off between orange slices and then continue to follow the above instructions. 

Dried oranges also make great adorments for wreaths and holiday cocktails! 

What are some of your favorite Yule traditions? New to celebrating Yule? What are you most looking forward to to becoming a tradition? 

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